Thursday, April 17, 2014

April updates

New books for my elder daughter, after she finishes the Twilight series. Maybe she will get to one of them next week during Spring Break.

Books for my younger daughter. Most of them are still too difficult for her but she is reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid in Chinese now.

Books for my almost middle school daughter, who is NOT enjoying all the preteen/teen girl drama at school, to say the least. Welcome to "mean girls" and bullying years. It does not help that she is born and raised DIFFERENT from the typical children in the south. We have been exploring these issues and recently watched TV movie "Odd Girl Out" about school bullying, which was extremely helpful to her. She is more analytical and much less emotionally vested in the school drama now.

I have set up a Facebook group for interested parents and have been getting good feedbacks.  Interested parents can check it out at


  1. That's inspiring to see what your daughters are able to read. I think it's so important to have their literacy keep up with their emotional development, otherwise the books they will be able to read won't have the content they are interested in. We are struggling a bit with this ourselves. One series that has been really interesting to my 7 year old has been the Mr. Happy, Mr. Perfect, Little Miss… series. We also have some Magic Tree House books in Chinese but it's still a little hard for her. My 4 year old likes whatever books we read with him. What books did your kids enjoy when they were 4 and 7? Any suggestions?

    1. Gosh, that seems ages ago for my soon to be 11 year old daughter. I believe she was interested in the Chinese version of Disney princess books and story books based on Japanese animation movies by Hayao Miyazaki (such as Totoro). For my 8 year old daughter these days, she has been reading just about every story books we have, including the stories in her reading comprehension workbooks. And we have quiet a few books, though they do not find as interesting books based on classic Chinese mythologies.

      See you on FB.