Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Phonetics 注音符號

In case you use zhuyin (bopomofo) to teach your children Chinese, you should install Chinese font with zhuyin. This will allow you to print out anything you want your children to read with phonetic assistance, till they can read on their own. You can find such fonts at sites like this: http://cooltext.com/Fonts-Unicode-Chinese.  Here, I would install 明體注音 and 明體破音

For example, I would copy a story written in Chinese from a webpage and paste it to MS Word and select those fonts. I would print it out and use it as my daughters' Chinese lesson for them to read. Then, I can use the other websites mentioned earlier to print out practice pages for them to practice their writing. In this way, the materials available to them to read will be limited only by your imagination and not by limited published text.

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