Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Current studying materials

Charlotte is using fourth-grade second-semester Chinese Language Art textbook from Taiwan while Georgia is using second-grade second-semester Chinese Language Art textbook.  I ask that they be able to read the main text fluently and then be able to copy select chapter text.

Here is a picture of third-grade second-semester and fifth-grade first-semester textbooks.

Here is a picture of the third chapter in the fifth-grade textbook.  Charlotte will hopefully get to it this fall.


  1. How are your kids learning vocabulary from other subjects such as history biology art etc. it sounds like you're doing mostly chinese as a language art.

  2. Another excellent question. You are serious about this then, as the great majority of CCH don't get to this stage. Yes, it is important to have exposure to all subjects so that they know the jargons to have expanded conversation range. I have basic children's "encyclopedia" in Chinese with zhuyin that I have my girls read (if time allows) at the same time they learn the subject in class, namely science. In terms of math, they learned arithmetic in Chinese, which is quicker to say. Also, they have exposure to all school subjects at regular school in Taiwan during their stay there. I think watching Disney/Dream Works in Chinese and talking to them in Chinese about their school subjects help also. It is certainly the weaker aspect of their Chinese but not as serious, as they will also learn some from their expanded reading capability. As my goal is to get them to "only" 5-6th grade level by 17-18. So, it is important to get them close to 4th grade level by end of 6th grade, as they will have significantly less time the closer it gets to college application time.

  3. Also, Smurfette, my home children's library has many more Chinese books of various interest and levels than English ones. After all, for English books, there is always the school or public library. I buy Chinese books from Taiwan in anticipation of their needs, as there is no Chinese bookstore anywhere close to where I live. In a crunch, I buy Chinese books online. There are some ebooks also, but most are in simplified characters. Later on, they will have to learn those too but it should not be too difficult if one puts in the time.