Monday, February 24, 2014


Charlotte finished five short Chinese novels in the last 10 days and is now captivated by the Chinese edition of the novel Twilight (暮光之城).  Amazing.  Our hard work over the past 10 years is finally paying off.

Here is one section of the first novel without zhuyin that she read:




Upcoming project for 7 year old Georgia: reading till fluency of selected chapters of the Gospel of Matthews in Chinese with phonetics assistance first and then without.


  1. By about what age did you have them learn zhuyin by?

  2. Good question. My younger one probably started learning zhuyin at around 5 and learned it well by about 6-6.5, possibly even before some children in Taiwan. My older probably started around the same time and learned it well by 7, I would say. The timing is very important, so that they may enjoy reading English and Chinese story books at similar developmental stage and age. The goal is to get them to read and enjoy books/novels of similar interest/level/topics in English and Chinese at around the same time, so that their enjoyment of English reading does not overshadow that of Chinese by too much. In terms of pronunciation, my older one has much better pronunciation. We plan to work on my younger daughter's pronunciation this summer in Taiwan during the 6 weeks she will spend there. Overall, it is probably much more "cool" to learn and know Chinese in the US now, compared to 30 years ago, with the rise of China. The other kids and teacher were amazed that my Charlotte is reading Twilight in Chinese during break and ask her lots of the same question all the time. I am pretty sure she can read Harry Potter in Chinese also, but she is not interested since she has read the series in English already. Hope this helps.