Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Extracurricular readings 課外讀物

Here are some of the books we have available for my daughters to read for enjoyment.

My InuYasha 犬夜叉 collection.  I only have the first half of the cartoon episodes in Chinese; so, the girls don't know what happens afterwards.  Charlotte really enjoyed reading these to find out what happens next.  Georgia, on the other hand, just skipped to the very last volume!  She probably will come back to the others when she is a little older (7 only now).  

I have several chapter books on cartoon movies by Hayo Miyazaki, such as Totoro 龍貓。

These are series of science and travel-history-geography comic books.  They love these.  

Most of these are traditional Chinese stories and the girls don't like these as much.  Arsene Lupin 亞森羅平 was a bit too scary for Charlotte last year.

Here are a few others, including some children's reference books.

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